Mesas y carros

Mesas y carros que facilitan la logística y distribución de su cocina y comedor

Mesas y carros

Una mesa o carro tiene mutitud de opciones y posibilidades:

-Mesa simple
-Mesa con fregadero
-Mesa con estanterias
-Mesa cubre pared
-Mesa +fregadero +bastidor
-Mesa con diferentes tipos de grifos


Las mesas estan construidas con el acero inoxidable de la mejor calidad y sin recovecos donde se pueda acumular la comida o suciedad.


Cutting Pipes and Profiles

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Increased cutting precision

Pipe cutting is carried out strictly according to the requirements of the technical assignment.

High speed of operation

The provision of a guarantee, a well-thought-out order form and simple registration algorithm.

Minimum waste

We will save lots of time for you and provide services of the highest quality.

Semi-automatic operation

The skill of the company’s specialists contributes to shortening the terms of service provision.

Low cost of operations

The ability to choose a payment option and related services, including fast delivery, make partnership.

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